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Designer: Alfredo Colombo

€ 15.700,00

"Wave" is a series, characterized by a geometric and linear design placed in a perfect stylistic balance between classic and modern. Its rigorous lines are freely inspired by Modernist Architecture and do not diminish the frame's strong decorative appeal. The frame's perimeter consists of a metal profile with bronze finish and a graphic sign. These characteristic feature reveal how every single detail leads back to the tailoring inspiration of the OHM collection. Inside this rigid container, the sinuous, natural veins of the wood of Canaletto Walnut develop.

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  • The double coated aluminium case contains a last-generation 4K video and comes with USB (1) and HDMI (1) connections, to directly connect to external sources.
  • The inbuilt dimmable ambient light function, completes the product. This function allows a more comfortable view of the TV in the dark and enhance the aesthetics of the mirror when the screen is switched off.
  • The case is provided with a 6 mm thick extraclear mirroring plate, which guarantees safety and the maximum brightness of the image and its colours.
  • The inbuilt video has a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels and incorporates a WiFi receiver and an Ethernet socket.
  • The audio system features a couple of built-in speakers.
  • The case is supplied with its own wall-fixing aluminium bracket.