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The OHM keypads panels originate from the integration of the most elegant goldsmith craftsmanship and the latest technologies in the world of living. The refined design that distinguishes them and the precious materials of their finishes contribute to making these products true works of goldsmith art.


The long-lasting collaboration with the most important architectural firms and the continuous search for technological integration mean that these push-button panels can easily be contextualized in any residential environment, in luxury hotels and even in yachts.
For this reason, the OHM coordinated system consists of:

  • push-button panels and controls for lighting and motorization management;
  • covers for third-party electronic components such as power and USB sockets, touch panels, temperature sensors, centralized vacuum systems, fingerprint readers for access control;
  • external access stations, with integration of third-party audio / video kits.

All products, thanks to expert craftsmen, engineers and designers, are fully customisable in shapes, finishes and also in their technological functionality.
The push-button panels are equipped with a card with electronic keys and can be integrated into all home automation systems.
They are also



The OHM pushbutton panels recall the skilful skill of Florentine goldsmith craftsmanship that has its roots in the 12th and 13th centuries. Each product is the result of careful research into the most historic artistic techniques, such as chiselling and lost wax casting, which make these small but precious pieces of furniture real jewels.
The countless finishes allow infinite customizations to integrate perfectly with the most sophisticated furnishing contexts.