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Designer: Alfredo Colombo

€ 25.800,00

"Eye" is characterized by a sophisticated design, which combines a metal profile with the characteristic double-C shape. The frame shows pure shapes and rich finishes and reveals an astonishing personality; this is enhanced by the different combinations of materials, such as metal with a bronze finish, Nubuck leather with tailored stitching and Tiger's Eye stone: a precious material, extremely rare and difficult to work with.

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  • The double coated aluminium case contains a last-generation 4K video and comes with USB (1) and HDMI (1) connections, to directly connect to external sources.
  • The inbuilt dimmable ambient light function, completes the product. This function allows a more comfortable view of the TV in the dark and enhance the aesthetics of the mirror when the screen is switched off.
  • The case is provided with a 6 mm thick extraclear mirroring plate, which guarantees safety and the maximum brightness of the image and its colours.
  • The inbuilt video has a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels and incorporates a WiFi receiver and an Ethernet socket.
  • The audio system features a couple of built-in speakers.
  • The case is supplied with its own wall-fixing aluminium bracket.